Something big is coming!

Time marches on, sometimes unnoticed but still unstoppable, like those ants coming into your kitchen to feast on the sticky linoleum. It brings with it many things; the changing of the seasons, birthdays and celebrations, the terrifying spectre of the universe’s progression towards entropy and decay. But most importantly it brings change, and big changes have come to Toy Meets World!

The last seven years have been a wild ride. We started out as a little blog for Adam to share his most private thoughts, then we became a popular site for toy news and reviews, until finally we emerged from our chrysalis and spread our wings to become a beautiful printed publication.

Celebrated and successful, Toy Meets World Magazine was short-lived, like the allegorical butterfly. Too much came too soon, and we lacked the resources to keep up with demand. However, just as a new year brings new life, so we have emerged from the winter frosts to begin the cycle all over again! As you read, work is going on behind the scenes to bring Toy Meets World back as something new; a hardback volume covering the history of toys and games from the 70s, 80s, 90s and onwards – all written in Toy Meets World’s inimitable style.

We expect the book to be available in August 2020. The last seven years’ worth of posts and reviews on this site have been taken down, as many of the articles are no longer relevant or are outside the scope of the upcoming book – Toy Meets will instead be used for promotion, sales, and to keep our visitors updated with the latest reports on our progress. Thanks go to all our readers past and present who enjoyed and commented on the articles.